Oceanic Islands

Oceanic island and biodiversity

One of the amazing facts about oceanic islands are the natural processes of colonisation by organisms. It doesn’t matter how far oceans are from mainland, they seem to be colonised by a range of adaptable animals and plants. Of course, humans have facilitated the movement of organisms to these secluded oceanic islands. A survey was conducted to reveal the invertebrate fauna of oceanic islands off the Western Australian coast. Some amazing invertebrates were found.

Oceanic Islands hold a wealth of biodiversity.

The Golden Orb Spider (Nephila sp.)

The invading species 'Yellow Crazy Ant' (Anoplolepis gracilipes).

Hermit crab.

The Ghost Crab (Ocypode sp.)

Invertebrate Collecting Techniques:

Collecting insects from foliage.

Collecting insects from Yellow water pan traps.

Malaise trapping for aerial invertebrates.